How to download Internet Explorer 11 (All Windows)

Internet Explorer 11

Everyone knows that Internet Explorer has been one of the biggest enemies of fast and safe web surfing since its inception. Today, fortunately, only the name remains of this browser.

The recent improvement in Firefox and the advances introduced by Google Chrome have forced Microsoft to practically rebuild its browser, turning it into something completely different from what it was before.

Internet Explorer 11 offers you a comfortable, fast and efficient web browsing experience, eliminating complicated controls and maximizing its compatibility with web standards.

The browser’s security has been greatly improved by blocking the path or, in the worst case, warning of possible unwanted add-ons or toolbars that may have been installed in the browser and restricting the downloading of potentially dangerous files.

With these improvements, we can say that Internet Explorer 11 has taken a step forward, catching up with its competitors and doing its loyal users a favor.



License Free
Operating system Windows
Category web browsers
Idiom English

Author Microsoft
Downloads 733,139 Download
Date 8 nov. 2013

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