How Download Minecraft for Windows and Mac

How Download Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox-type game that has an infinite number of versions of Minecraft that after a decade from the date of its launch has become the most popular video game and one of the best-selling and most downloaded in the entire history of video games . Being the versions of Minecraft Java the most popular. That’s why you should know how to download Minecraft.

In these more than ten years of life, they have been developed for various platforms and devices where you can download the game. Still, the version of the game that has the most support from the community is the Minecraft Java version.

How to download minecraft

Below you can download the Minecraft Java launcher:


Platforms that support Minecraft

Minecraft is present on a large number of gaming platforms, on computers, mobile devices and consoles. In addition, there are also versions of Minecraft developed for specific operating systems.

For this reason we have created a list with all the versions of Minecraft currently available. Simply choose your operating system or game platform to download the version of the game that corresponds to your system or platform.

Download Minecraft Java

The Java version of Minecraft is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. This is the most community supported version, with thousands of mods, maps, skins and textures available for download.


Download Minecraft Windows 10

This version of Minecraft is only available for computers running the Windows 10 operating system. It is also known as “Minecraft Bedrock”.


Download Minecraft for macOS

This is the version developed for computers running Apple’s macOS operating system.


Download Minecraft for Linux

If you want to enjoy the magic of Minecraft on a computer running the Linux operating system, you can do so with this version of the game.

  • Debian and Debian-based distributions
  • Arch and Arch-based distributions
  • Other distributions

Download server program for minecraft

  • For Java Edition
  • For Windows and Ubuntu edition

Minecraft for mobile

Minecraft for android

Minecraft developed for mobile phones that work with Google’s Android operating system.


Minecraft for iOS

The edition created for mobile phones that work under the Apple iOS operating system.


Minecraft for consoles

Minecraft for Xbox One Minecraft for Xbox 360 Minecraft for Nintendo Switch Minecraft for PlayStation Vita Minecraft for PlayStation 3 Minecraft for PlayStation 4 Minecraft para Wii U Minecraft for New Nintendo 3DS

Minecraft for free download

How to download Minecraft for free

Minecraft is not a free game. So in order to enjoy the large number of hours, and extra content that can be added to the game, we will have to checkout. Our personal opinion is that it is well worth it.

However, despite being a paid game that does not have a free version, there is a way to download Minecraft for free on various gaming platforms. This will allow us to know if it is worth it, or not, to buy the game.

Download original minecraft

If we don’t want to pay for a game without knowing if we’re going to like it or not, we have the option of downloading the Minecraft demo. This demonstration will allow us to experience adventures in the open world of Minecraft for a maximum of 100 minutes or the approximate equivalent of five days in the game.


The Minecraft demo is available in various versions for platforms, so we can try the game on PC/Mac, PlayStation and Xbox, but not for the Pocket Edition, which is the version developed for mobile devices.

Download Java for Minecraft

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