How and where to DirectX download free for Windows

directx download

directx download

DirectX is a driver library distributed by Microsoft specifically designed to enhance Windows graphics and sound capabilities.

DirectX improves the 3D behavior of the operating system, so its may be absolutely necessary for running many games and is highly recommended if you use the computer for any kind of multimedia activity.

DirectX consists of several tools responsible for offering better overall equipment performance: Direct3D for rendering three-dimensional objects; DirectGraphics for creating flat and 3D images; DirectSound to reproduce sound through waves, etc.

DirectX 8.1 is the version installed by default on Windows XP. Windows Vista uses a brand new version that is not compatible with XP: DirectX 10. If you have XP, update the version of DirectX with this package.



License Free
Operating system Windows
Category controllers
Idiom English 

Author Microsoft
Downloads 733,139 Download
Date 8 nov. 2013

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