Free Download TeamViewer Windows and Mac

Free Download TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer for free, the best known and most used program for remote access to computers. The same is used with a specific password and, of course, the authorization of the owner of the device that will be accessed from another location.

Free Download TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer

What is TeamViewer?

Teamviewer is presented as a robust program for remote access to computers, using a specific password and, of course, the authorization of the owner of the device that will be accessed from another location.

In this way, it is possible that a computer technician, for example, can help his clients despite having to visit him, since there are many operating problems that do not fail the parts or the physical device itself, but the formatting and other problems. . digital themes.

TeamViewer App
TeamViewer App

In this context, Teamviewer works as a facilitator of these activities, giving full access to experts to solve problems that can be solved in a few seconds. This ensures greater agility in meeting basic needs and also represents great savings for both parties.

In addition to these everyday benefits, the software can also be used by companies with private networks in hybrid ways of working, such as the Home Office. In this way, user data can be preserved and materials accessed remotely and without complications.

TeamViewer App
TeamViewer App

For businesses, Teamviewer also offers information technology (IT) solutions and is capable of promoting greater engagement among consumers, employees and managers, as activity tracking also gains an innovative level of execution.

How to download and install the software

To download the program directly to your device, you must take into account some essential issues for the proper functioning of the software on the device. First of all, make sure your computer meets the minimum installation requirements. It is necessary to analyze the version of the software and also the size that the program will have on disk, so that no problem occurs or prevents its complete navigation.

After verifying this information, return to our page and click the specific download button. The installation should start automatically in a few seconds, but if it doesn’t, refresh the page and try again.

After downloading the software, click on it and complete the installation, which should take no more than a few minutes, depending on your operating system and your ability to navigate smoothly and quickly.

How to use TeamViewer

Generally speaking, the program will only work perfectly for remote access from another computer if it has also been previously installed on the desired device. Check if this has already been done, and if not, make sure to install and adapt the software so that everything works as expected.

Whenever you want to use another computer, you must provide a member ID and a specific numeric password provided by that computer. This ensures secure operation and prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. From there, after accessing the remote computer, you will be able to open folders, move files, as well as enjoy all the functions of another machine directly on your own.

TeamViewer App
TeamViewer App

Within the TeamViewer tabs it is still possible to perform other actions with specific tools. The menu includes: Home, Actions, View, Communicate, and File Sharing.

By clicking Preview, you can adjust the display, optimize quality, change resolution, and even make other adjustments. In Communicate, users can chat while remote access is taking place. And with Share Files, you can send or receive files of all types and formats very easily.

Take advantage of all TeamViewer mechanisms!


Despite the new look, the structure of TeamViewer remains the same. You can start a remote control session the same way as before, get an ID and password from your colleague, and then seamlessly take control of the other computer.

The difference is that that shortcut bar at the top of the control window is completely different. The look and feel is very reminiscent of Office 2013/2016, and this makes things easier for those who are already using the latest versions of Microsoft software.

It’s also worth noting that that floating chat window, which allows you to chat with the person being watched, is now pinned to this shortcut bar at the top. Simply click on the conversation icon, or “Communicate”, to open a chat.

TeamViewer App
TeamViewer App

How to update to the latest version

The TeamViewer download link may bring you the previous version, 10. If this happens, it will be necessary to obtain 11 through the program’s own updates, when it is already installed on your computer. You may get an automatic warning, asking you to perform the procedure, but if it doesn’t appear, the next steps:

TeamViewer App
TeamViewer App

On the program’s home screen, click “Help” and choose “Check for updates.” If there is a new version to download, confirm the operation and wait for the automatic installation. It will be necessary to restart TeamViewer, but in a few moments it will be available again.

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