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free download pubg mobile

Download PUBG Popular Battle Royale on PC

Free download PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile from Tencent Games is an action-packed survival game that has made its mark on larger screens. The addictive online multiplayer title pits 100 players against each other and the last survivor wins the game. The action-packed game looks and runs great on Windows.

Free download PUBG

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PUBG Mobile

Like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds exploded in popularity with mobile gamers. As a result, PUBG Mobile uses the official mobile game to design its maps, challenges, and weapons. It also offers the same variety of game modes. It’s all about surviving in this large-scale deathmatch with intense action sequences that look amazing on PC. If there are not enough players, the game will add bots to continue the challenge.

Fast Game PUBG

You start this game by throwing yourself out of a plane, Call of Duty style. You parachute onto a desert island to gear up and fight. The massive bloodshed that follows seems impossible until you hone your skills. The lack of a tutorial increases the learning curve.

The variety of maps and terrains will require you to mix up your strategies to survive. You can find weapons and equipment in abandoned factories, houses and warehouses to protect yourself from attacks and fight back.

The developers have kept the game mechanics simple. PUBG is all about shrinking the safe zone to keep you busy and energized to win.

Smooth Performance

Although this game is now available on multiple platforms, you may be used to playing it on Android. In this case, you can use the official developer emulator that mirrors the smartphone screen to the Windows screen.

Performance and action remain smooth and immersive with no loss of graphical quality. You can feel even more precise using the keyboard and mouse to control your character.

Like other FPS titles, PUBG suffers from occasional lag, but it’s not often enough to really be an issue.

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