Free Download Messenger Facebook

free download messenger facebook

Download free Facebook Messenger, a separate version of the old functions of the social network to respond to direct messages. With it, it is possible to maintain conversations with your Facebook and Instagram contacts, with a series of exclusive instant messaging options.

Free Download Messenger Facebook

Download Messenger

With Messenger, you no longer have to go to Facebook to find a contact and talk to them directly. The app now works similarly to WhatsApp and other instant messaging services, including audio and video calling and video conferencing capabilities for two or more contacts.

In addition, Messenger has also joined the trend of short videos. Therefore, you have the option to view and create stories, both from Instagram and those published exclusively on Facebook and instant messaging.

How to download and install Facebook Messenger?

To download Facebook Messenger for Android, first press the green button, located at the top of this screen, that says “Download Free“. You will then be redirected to the app’s page on the Play Store. Once there, press to download the software and wait for the installation to complete.

How to use or Facebook Messenger ?

The first step to using Messenger is to have a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, just create one for free, then open the instant messenger and log in by importing the same account used in the social network.

Once you’re signed in, all of your friends added on Facebook will automatically appear in Messenger. Some have a green dot indicating that they are active on the app, but that does not mean they are online and will respond immediately. And just like other similar apps, you can send a text message, a voice message, or send a file via chat.

In the “Calls” tab, you can make a voice or video call with any of your contacts. On this same screen, you can also view your call history and even check to see if someone made you an invitation that you didn’t accept. It’s also worth remembering that conversations allow more people to participate, creating a group chat.

The “Contacts” tab brings together all your friends who have the app and can receive messages from you. You have the option to search by name to make it easy to locate a particular contact. Finally, the “Stories” tab allows you to view the short videos posted on Facebook and Instagram, in case a contact has activated the option to post on both applications at the same time.

Characteristics and organization

Facebook Messenger can still make calls to other contacts over your carrier’s data network or over a WiFi connection. You can also check if the person is online or when the user was last logged into Messenger, as well as mute notifications, see their Facebook timeline, a map of where the person is, and their phone number.

Facebook Messenger is divided into four main tabs: the list of all your one-on-one conversations, the list of all your group conversations, the full list of users using Messenger who are currently available to chat (either on PC or on a smartphone). ) and general settings.

Download Messenger

Download Messenger

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