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Download Spotify for pc, the official application of the popular music streaming service. This allows you to access the platform’s extensive catalog of music, audiobooks and podcasts, as well as create playlists, download your favorite songs and albums, listen to the radio or simply discover new singers and genres thanks to its great recommendation system. With many years behind it and millions of subscribers enjoying its service, Spotify has been able to perfect its app so that it is very easy to use. However, where the service stands out is that it allows free access to its music tracks, thus surpassing its main paid rivals: Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

The Spotify app for computers stands out for its clean and intuitive interface , guaranteeing that any type of user can listen to their favorite content in a couple of clicks. From it you can listen to your favorite tracks , generate your own playlists or, if you wish, let the app itself surprise you with its suggestions. Unlike other free alternatives like Deezer , Spotify allows you to play the music files you have stored on your PC and synchronize them with the application for Android and iOS , always offering you the possibility of listening to your favorite music. In this way, Spotify becomes for manythe most complete option to listen to music wherever you are.

Download Spotify

Download Spotify

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an app with which you can play music and audio content from the streaming service of the same name. To start using the app you will simply need to install it on your computer and open a Spotify user account. This process is very fast and completely free , because although there is a payment method, you will not need to share your credit card number at any time. Once this is done, you can make use of this useful program to listen to any of the tracks and albums on the platform, create a playlist and even use the app as the main music player on your computer. And the fact is that unlike many similar services, Spotify is capable of playing the local music files on your PC and even synchronizing them with the mobile application (the latter only in its Premium mode).

How does Spotify work?

Getting started with Spotify is as simple as tapping into the app, searching for your favorite track, and starting listening to it by tapping the “Play” button. Without complications! Of course, you will need to have a stable Internet connection to be able to enjoy the music without annoying interruptions. You can also save the songs that you like the most in your library by clicking on the heart-shaped icon and, if you prefer, make a playlist by clicking on the “Create list” option. Everything is so intuitive that after installing the app, any user can start listening to music instantly.

If you are a fan of social networks , you will be delighted to know that Spotify can be linked to Facebook and thus share your favorite tracks with your friends. For the most curious, the app also includes a useful suggestions section where week after week playlists about current styles or trends are shared. It is also possible to find new music thanks to its complete filter tool with which you will discover new artists in just a few seconds.

Another notable option of Spotify is that, as it is a multi-platform software, it is possible to connect your songs to another device with just the press of a button . In this way you can send a song from your laptop to a mobile device or, for example, to multimedia speakers and have it start playing as if by magic. To all this we must add the Premium option to download tracks and albums to your computer and thus be able to listen to them without the need for a connection.

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