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Download SoundCloud App, the free streaming music service where you can discover new bands, find different sounds, and even upload your own tracks. Unlike Spotify, on SoundCloud anyone can create an account and upload copyrighted content. The android application works as a player to listen and listen to this type of music

Download Soundcloud App Official Site

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SoundCloud Being aimed at independent bands and artists, being a free and accessible way to share audio content, SoundCloud is a platform to discover new sounds, and not just to find and play music by famous artists, as is the case with Spotify, Deezer and other streaming services.

Soundcloud App  Soundcloud App

You can create an account very quickly as it connects directly to Facebook and you can log in with a single click. After that, you should follow bands and friends who have a compatible musical style, to see what they share. SoundCloud doesn’t just bring you music, it’s also an easy way to discover shows and podcasts and subscribe to the source of that kind of content.

Playlists and radios

The latest versions of SoundCloud for Android have brought very interesting new features, such as the ability to create playlists and listen to any online content that way. To do this, simply click the button with three dots next to a song post and then select the “Add to Playlist” option. Shows the option to add an existing list or create a new one.

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Radios, on the other hand, function as an automatic indicating system. If you liked a song and want more content of that style, click the same button with the three dots and then select the “Start Track Station” option to simply listen to a selection of other similar songs, with the same kind of beat. or category.

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