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Netflix for Windows and where to download

Download Netflix, the software that revolutionized the world of online movies to make it so easy and convenient, now on Windows. This app has an elegant and simple interface, where finding and playing any video or TV show episode requires minimal effort.

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How to use Netflix?

To use Netflix, you must have an account and pay for the membership. There are three membership plans, ranked by the number of screens you can watch at once and the video quality you can watch. The plans are Basic, Standard and Premium. Once you have applied for a membership, you can create sub-accounts within the account so that different members of your household can have their own account with their personal settings and history.

If you have children at home, you can set up an account for them and limit them to the series and movies available in the Netflix Kids children’s profile. You can then further restrict them by age group or by a fixed limit – a PIN number. These options alone are one of the best features of Netflix.

Using the app to play media and change settings, like child controls, is a breeze. They have deliberately kept the options to a minimum and where there are options, they are very easy to see and change. Once you’ve started playing a track, program-specific features such as subtitles, language, and display options will be available to you through the player’s own interface. The player is of course very minimalistic so as not to distract you from what you are watching and when the player is in full screen mode it is completely invisible.

With the variety of media, you are spoiled for choice. Sure, each instance of Netflix has certain limitations when it comes to availability (geographical regions have different options), but if you’re claiming you can’t find anything to watch, you’re really not looking hard enough!

Help for Netflix is ​​fast and effective. There’s a good help section and plenty of third-party resources online, but since it’s a paid service, traditional customer support will resolve your issues quickly and professionally.

Where can this program be run?

This special version is for Windows computers. You can also use Netflix online and there are versions for Mac, iPhone and Android.

If TV and movies are your thing and you’re itching to catch up on Stranger Things, Narcos, or Wild Wild Things, then your only option is Netflix. Now available for Windows 8 and 10, the innovative TV and movies service makes using Netflix to enjoy your favorites a truly simple and user-friendly experience.

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