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Download MIR4, the free to play Asian fantasy open world MMORPG game that can be played on PC and mobile devices. It features many large-scale PvE and PvP battles between clans.

Download MIR4


Furthermore, the game has added appeal by adding blockchain technology, thus combining it with NFTs. Users can mine Dark Steel to sell it for DRACO, the in-game cryptocurrency that has an exact market value. The DRACO also allows players to move, store, trade, and purchase various items in and out of the game. In other words, the game has its roots in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, but it is not very decisive.

MIR4 is a game that differs from other farm-based NFT “games” like Plants vs. Undead. With the price of DRACO falling, the game becomes less and less profitable. But it has the advantage of being attractive to users who are looking for fun. This is one of the aspects that keeps it in the top 62 most popular titles on Steam.

MIR4 NFTs Characters

  • A strong fighter who annihilates his enemies swinging a greatsword like it weighs nothing.
  • Armed with an iron will and sturdy armor, this fighter always leads the battle.
  • A sorceress who destroys her enemies with the power of the elements.
  • Although she is very strong when fighting alone, she is much stronger when protected by her allies.
  • Seeker of truth who helps with spells and her swordsmanship.
  • His divine recovery ability allows him to overcome difficulties.
  • A tyrant in battle who cuts down his enemies with a long spear.
  • With a variety of abilities that attack and defend at the same time, he breaks the enemy’s formation and kills his target at all costs.
  • A hunter who takes down his enemies with an upgraded crossbow for a faster shot.
  • Freely switch between tracking and escaping and unleash a lethal barrage of arrows.

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Download MIR4 for PC and Mobile


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