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Download Hamachi

Download Hamachi the tool to establish a secure connection between two or more devices. Users will be able to use the program to exchange files, download files from a remote computer, or access a distant computer from multiple locations.

The application has a large following in the gaming community. The popularity derives from private servers with Hamachi in Minecraft LAN mode. Hamachi supports a long list of multiplayer video games: Minecraft, Age of Empires, Diablo, Need for Speed, FIFA, Warcraft, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, DOOM, Starcraft

Download Hamachi


How does Hamachi work?

The software creates a VPN so that each user gets a unique IP. This IP identifies you within the VPN. No configuration is necessary, so just access the service to start using it without any problem. Users will be able to act as if they were physically at the central computer.

This acts as a server and generates a password – protected environment . Although LogMeIn Hamachi is intuitive and easy to use, it has many advanced options so that those who are more comfortable with setting up computer networks have all the control they need.

Hamachi vpn error in Windows 10 and Windows 7!

How is Hamachi used to play online?

Playing over a LAN with Hamachi couldn’t be easier. First, download the current version of the software. LogMeIn releases versions to improve performance constantly. Choose a stable one to avoid complications. Once on your computer, install it and register a new user account.

Locate the network and use the provided password to join an existing local network. To create a new one, you need to set its name and password. The password must be strong to prevent hacking. The program will create the private network automatically as soon as you confirm the information.

How to connect two computers with Hamachi?

Connecting two or more computers with LogMeIn Hamachi is not much different. You will need to install the program on all computers . Determine which computer will host the server and create the new VPN there. The rest of the computers will locate the network and connect to it with the established password.

The simplicity of this methodology justifies why Hamachi is so highly demanded and appreciated. User reviews on the internet are very positive and show that it is rare for problems to arise during the use of the software.

Download Hamachi


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