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Battle royale game for Android

Download Free Fire Battlegrounds is a popular survival game, which offers simple gameplay for adventure lovers. This Android game was one of the first to focus on a mysterious story in which players compete on a deserted island. You can play alone or be part of a team. To win the game you need to protect yourself from radiation and enemies.

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What is the objective of the game?

There are fast paced survival shooters in this game whose concept is based on multiplayer games. It is significant that the game is not available online. While playing through an online server, you can choose between two different modes. The former focuses on a free-for-all approach across the island. In this version, 40 players are free for the entire game. The second is slightly smaller and forms teams of four players each. The goal remains the same.

How to play is Free Fire

Compared to other mobile games, Free Fire Battlegrounds has easy-to-use controls. The main player can move by crawling, crouching, and standing. The game uses a semi-automatic shooting style where the aiming dot turns red so you know the enemy’s exact position.

The game has several safe zones where you can rest and avoid further health damage from the island’s radiation. As the game progresses, these zones become smaller. While the game is only ten minutes long, the goal is to save energy until the end.

The battle royale game has limited ammo and you need to buy guns, grenades and other items to get more power ups. Various health packs are also available to keep you going until the end of the game. You can also use “diamonds” and other game items to buy cars.

Vehicles and weapons are easy to use. The on-screen compass will help you navigate through the various moves in this action game. You cannot shoot other players while driving a car. However, you can stage a deadly killing spree by running them over. While the graphics look dated in certain sequences, the background music keeps you hooked.

What about customizations?

Unlike other Android games in this category, this game offers multiple customization options. In fact, character customization keeps the game interesting at every turn. Most of the characters don’t look like ordinary people, and some of them even have pets or certain accessories. As mentioned above, “Diamonds” allows you to improve and customize avatars, buy ammo, and drive cars across extensive maps.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t feel like a serious survival shooter. I prefer to focus on a fun cartoon look. The ability to switch weapons, increase health bars, and drive cars comes with weird graphics.

However, Free Fire Battlegrounds regularly receives new skins, customizations, avatars, and weapons. The development team also organizes special events, promotions and offers.

Also, some servers are slow in this mobile game. Don’t be surprised if someone throws it. The game needs some bug fixes and some minor glitches appear from time to time. Hopefully future updates will fix these issues.

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