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With WhatsApp it is possible to communicate with thousands of people through it, it is also one of the favorite applications of most people, mainly due to the number of downloads to date.

Having a day more than 2 billion users connected by the platform worldwide. In this way, the developers work hard in the search for constant updates in the most basic mechanisms of the application, whether in the mobile or web version.

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What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is an excellent example of the evolution of communication technology, since the application of advertising messages is instant messaging between two or more agents, with a simple Internet connection.

Through it, it is also possible to make direct calls at no additional cost, since the contacts are organized according to the telephone number of each person. Audios, images and documents can also be easily shared in conversations.

The famous stickers, animated GIFs and emojis are also an essential part of the application, since with these elements people can communicate in an irreverent and fun way, adding creativity and customization to all the articulations that are promoted within the application.

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How to use WhatsApp on Android?

Once installed, if you do not already have a WhatsApp account linked to your phone number, indicate it to continue. An SMS with a code should arrive and, through it, the developers could certify that this number really belongs to you. Then choose a username and add a profile picture.

Now you can add your contacts and start talking with all of them in a practical, fast and secure way. Check all the settings to adjust preferences such as the chat wallpaper and also the visibility of the famous “last seen”.

How to use WhatsApp on Android?
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Night mode not WhatsApp

The feature, previously restricted to mobile phones, can now also be applied to WhatsApp Web, the desktop app extension.

First, if you want to add dark mode to WhatsApp on your phone, you need to click the three dots displayed on the home screen of the app, go to “settings” and “conversations” right away.

whatsapp night mode
Whatsapp Night Mode

Under “theme”, you can choose between the two options provided by WhatsApp: light and dark.

Now, to leave WhatsApp Web in night mode, the process is very similar, which makes it easy to go step by step. On your computer, go to the three dots, followed by “settings” and “theme” again. Here you can select which of the possibilities is most viable among the three available: light, dark and automatic, by the system itself.

Add contact via QR code

The process of adding a new contact can be lengthy for many, running the risk of missing a digit and interrupting communication.

With that in mind, one of the latest updates to WhatsApp is the generation of your own QR Code, allowing other people to scan it and add the contact safely and efficiently.

To do so, simply access the three dots in the upper right corner of WhatsApp and then “settings”.

The QR code symbol appears next to your contact information, just click on it.

From there, you can view your data in the “my code” tab or add a new contact in “scan code”.

Add contact via QR code
Add contact via QR code

In addition to going through the scanning process directly with another person, you can also upload a screenshot that has someone else’s QR code.

To add it, still in the “scan code” menu, just click the icon on the bottom left of the screen to open the gallery and upload the image containing the code, then read it.

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Android Download Download iOS Whatsapp Web


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