Download Chrome for free and install it

Download Chrome for free

To download Chrome for free and install Google Chrome on a PC, go to the Chrome website and download Chrome for free the installer file from your existing browser. Go to the Apple App Store and install the Chrome app on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. For Android, download and install from the Google Play Store.

Download Chrome in pc

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App Download Chrome

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According to Stat Counter, Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser, with a 63% global share. If you’re a part of the remaining 37% and want to give the Chrome browser a try, it’s easy to download and install Chrome on any device.



  • How to download and install Chrome on a Mac
  • How to download and install Chrome on Windows
  • How to download and install Chrome on an iPhone or iPad
  • How to download and install Chrome on Android


Download and install Chrome on a Mac

macbook download chrome 1

Go to the Google Chrome website using your existing browser on the Mac (in this case, Safari). The site should automatically detect what device it is. Click on the blue Download Chrome button.

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macbook download chrome 3

The installer file should download. You will find the googlechrome.dmg file in the Safari downloads folder at the top right corner.


macbook download file

Open the file, then drag and drop Chrome into your Applications folder. Double-click the Chrome icon in Applications and launch the browser.

Download and install Google Chrome on Windows

windows 2

Open the Google Chrome website on the default browser on your PC. The page should automatically detect what version of Windows you are running. Click on Download Chrome.


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windows download chrome 2

The ChromeSetup.exe file will download to your Downloads folder. Launch the installer and wait for the browser to install. A new Chrome tab will open once the installation is complete.



Install Chrome on an iPhone or iPad

To install Chrome on an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store on your device. Tap the search button at the bottom right corner and type Chrome. Find the app and tap on the installation icon (a cloud with a downward arrow). You will find the installed app on one of the home screen pages.

Install Chrome on Android

Most Android phones come with Google Chrome as the default browser. If you need to install it yourself, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store and search for Google Chrome. You can tap Install or the name to see more information. On the app information page, tap Install to download the app. If Chrome is a default app, you will see Update as the option instead of Install.

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