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7-Zip is an archiver developed for Microsoft Windows computers. It uses the 7z archive format, which guarantees a higher level of compression (up to 50% higher than the standard zip format) than popular commercial archiver standards, but can also use other formats. Download 7-Zip and installed on your computer means you’ll always have the ability to create archives that are more compact, easier to transport, and capable of holding more files than the competition offers at the same size.

Download 7 Zip


The first version of the 7-Zip application and the 7z archive format was created by Russian independent programmer Igor Pavlov on July 18, 1999, with the goal of popularizing 7z as an open, modular, and easily extensible archive format that can use multiple data. Compression, encoding and preprocessing algorithms. In essence, 7z supports multiple file compressions within an archive that has multiple layers of compression created automatically, and the complexity of that compression is controlled by the user. One of the coolest features of this file format is that it supports files up to 16 exbibytes in size (over 16 million gigabytes).

The 7-Zip application’s user interface is easy to use, with a main dashboard that closely resembles the interfaces of many other similar archiving solutions. Users have an easy way to manage old archives, extract archives and choose the compression level during the creation of new 7z archives. 7-Zip is 100% free and can work on all versions of Windows after Windows 95.

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