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Avast Secure Browser

Using the internet all day long leaves you vulnerable to cyber threats including identity theft, phishing scams, spam attacks, etc. To avoid such mishaps, you should consider a secure browser that fully protects your identity can. and privacy

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What is Avast Secure Browser?

Avast is a secure browser that is specially integrated with the company’s antivirus and provides high-level system security. When using Avast Secure Browser, you don’t have to worry about possible threats that might cause problems.

Also, you can use the browser to connect to a VPN or scan the PC with Avast SecureLine VPN, Avast Passwords, and other tools. Best of all, Avast Secure Browser also works seamlessly with other antivirus platforms installed on the system.

What is bank mode?

Bank mode is the program’s browsing mode that offers complete online protection from a hijacked network or host. It prevents hackers and keyloggers from accessing your private and sensitive data.

This mode is activated automatically when the Internet browser detects an online visit to a bank URL or payment page. Banking mode is definitely an asset to keep your online transactions safe. In addition, the mode protects your sensitive data, including your billing information.

Is there a video downloader?

The program also comes with a built-in video downloader, which is one of the most innovative features in a web browser. As the name suggests, it allows you to download videos from a variety of popular streaming and media websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can even choose your preferred size, resolution, format and other parameters. Browser download is a great option for heavy media users.

What about stealth mode?

The browser’s hidden mode allows you to surf the Internet without leaving any traces on local hard drives. So you don’t have to worry about search history or cookies taking up space on any of the drives. In addition, Avast browser’s anti-tracking feature eliminates any possibility of being tagged by trackers. It’s worth noting that the features seem to be inspired by Google Chrome since both platforms are based on Chromium.

Are there other functions?

Avast Secure Browser comes with Flash and ad blockers. The platform blocks Flash players from playing certain titles. This speeds up the browsing process and offers you a better browsing experience. The program also has the feature of blocking ads from websites that you visit frequently.

Internet browser has Extension Guard that protects your system from installing suspicious or malicious extensions. Also, the program avoids downloading unnecessary plugins and only focuses on installing files from trusted sources.

Like other browsers, Avast Secure Browser includes other publicly available features, including anti-phishing, anti-tracking, and anti-fingerprinting. Last but not least, there is a built-in privacy cleaner that you can use to conveniently clear your browsing history and cache.

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